Instagram Algorithm Change

Do you want to get Instafamous? Its getting harder and harder these days. Instagram just released fresh new Algo changes for this year, and it is getting harder and harder to beat them. You may be thinking that you need to freshen up your content as well. You are probably right.

Instagram Algorithm Change

So heres what happened to me: I thought I had everything on lock down, my Instagram was growing slow and steady. I the bginning of January, I noticed that I had fewer likes on my photos then ever before. I thought this was strange because I usually post the same stuff over and over again. Why was I being penalized by Instagram? I couldnt understand.

After scouring the internet, I think I have come up with some ideas. Firstly, Instagram now uses a 90 10 program. It shows your photo to 10% of your followers first. If those followers respond well to it, the other 90% get to see it as well.

So that explained my issue. I wasnt getting any traction because the first 10% werent liking my photo. Why werent the first 10% liking my posts? Because I was posting at the WRONG time!
Instagram Algorithm Change
The majority of my active audience lives in the UK. After I started to adjust my posting times to the time difference, I noticed a HUGE difference!

Key Takeaway: Understand your audience, know when to post, and beat the Instagram Algorithm Change


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